I am originally from St. Louis- the “Gateway to the West.” One might expect the Gateway Arch to be a parabolic curve. However, the Gateway Arch is “the most famous example of a weighted catenary” (according to Wikipedia).  A catenary curve is the curve naturally formed by a hanging chain.

I majored in math and minored in philosophy at Saint Louis University, home of the Billiken. During college I had a lot of fun (and became very good at mental math) as a grades 2-12 tutor at Mathnasium. I am an alumna of the Carleton College Summer Mathematics Program for Women, and co-wrote this blog post about my experience there. In junior year I was lucky enough to study abroad at the National University of Ireland Galway.

I am currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Georgia (go dawgs!). When not solving math problems I can be found writing poetry or running (slowly).

AA Collage2

(1) Inishmore, Ireland, (2) Connemara, Ireland, (3) Gateway Arch, (4) view from the top of the Arch

50 States: I enjoy traveling, and hope to eventually visit every state in the U.S. (where a “visit” means staying to do something substantial, rather than passing through or catching a connecting flight). Here’s my progress so far, where blue indicates a visit:

States Map

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Picture Puzzle: All of the header pictures on this website were taken by me. Can you guess where each is from? The teaching page is probably the easiest, while the research page is unfairly difficult (although if you have been paying attention, you could make an educated guess!).

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