I am not teaching any classes currently.

I taught calculus (Math 2250) in the Spring 2021 and 2022 semesters, and precalculus (Math 1113) in the Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Fall 2020, and Fall 2021 semesters. I place a heavy emphasis on active learning in my classes, and am always looking for new ways to get students involved. To this end, my Spring 2019 class was completely flipped; students prepared for class by watching videos and completing short assignments, and spent the majority of class time working on problems in groups. My classes after this point were mostly flipped, but sometimes with modifications necessitated by the pandemic.

I was a teaching assistant for the PCMI 2019 Undergraduate Summer School, in the low-dimensional topology course led by Jessica Purcell and Dan Mathews. In Summer 2020 and Spring 2021 I helped lead a topology qualifying exam preparation course. I also have plenty of tutoring experience, from second grade through college.

I have earned a graduate certificate in mathematics education through the mathematics education department at UGA.

Tutoring Options at UGA

Study Tips

  • Start studying for tests early!
  • Go over worksheets and finish anything you didn’t get to in class. (Don’t look at the answer before you try the problem. Once you have seen the answer, try the problem again later and see if you can do it.)
  • Redo any problems you missed from quizzes or homework assignments.
  • Come to office hours and/or tutoring (see above).
  • Try problems from the book.
  • Go over material and work problems with a friend!
  • Studying a little bit each day is much better than cramming the night before the test.

Test Taking Tips

  • Show your work!
  • If you are stuck, especially on a word problem, write down what you do know; this will help you get partial credit, and might also give you ideas on how to solve the problem.
  • You don’t have to do the test in order! Start with the problems you know how to do immediately and go back to the harder ones later. (Make sure to mark the problems you will return to so you don’t forget.)

I have completed the Pride Center’s safe space training and aim to make my office a safe space for all.